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Water Lines Thawed in Willow Springs, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Western Springs, and Lagrange

Here in the Midwestern part of the US, freezing temperatures can cause a mass amount of headaches for everyone involved and none is worse in many cases than pipes that have frozen and burst. Once pipes have burst they must be replaced and this can be very costly and intrusive as the pipes must be located, sometimes within the walls of your home, and replaced. Until the replacement has been completed, the homeowner ends up without running water to avoid having water damage the inside of the home, or run everywhere it can outside.

Not only is this repair costly, it's a serious inconvenience for anyone who has to go through it. You can't shower at home, you have to intrude on family and neighbors to let you use their facilities, you can't even flush a toilet for fear the burst pipe is connected. It really is a major hassle.

Avoid this problem by having your water lines thawed using our professional services at Great American Plumbing, Inc. We will come out with our Waterline Thawing Machine and have your pipes thawed and free from impending disaster caused by frozen and burst pipes.

When the temperature drops, make sure you keep your home at temperatures that are at sixty degrees or more even when you aren't home. If you do find yourself in danger of having frozen pipes, give us a call at Great American Plumbing, Inc. and let us come out and thaw out your pipes so you can avoid the costly, intrusive, and serious inconvenience frozen pipes can cause.

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